Zhan-Huan Shang, Ph.D.

2023-03-16 10:00

Research Area

(1)Restoration ecology, is mainly about ecological process and mechanism of degraded alpine grassland, and its restoration mechanism and technologies.

(2)Chemical ecology, is mainly about toxic plant’s BVOCs, soil compounds, soil microorganisms and rhizosphere exudates in alpine grassland.

(3)Sustainable development, is mainly about grassland-livestock system management, carbon management, transformation adaptation of pastoral region

Contact Information

E-mail: shangzhh@lzu.edu.cn

Tel: 0086-0931-8912861

Address: Office room 245, Tianyan Building, No.222 Tianshui South Road, Lanzhou, Gansu province, 73000, China.


2003.09-2006.06    Ph.D. (Grassland ecology), Gansu Agricultural University

2000.09-2003.06    M.Sc. (Grassland ecology), Ningxia University

1996.09-2000.06    B.Sc. (Rangeland science), Gansu Agricultural University

Work Experience

2022.03- Present    College of Ecology, Lanzhou University, Professor.

2015.05-2022.02    School of Life Science, Lanzhou University, Professor.

2015.03-2015.05    School of Life Science, Lanzhou University, Associate Professor.

2009.05-2015.03   College of Pastoral Agriculture Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, Associate Professor.

2006.07-2009.05   College of Pastoral Agriculture Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, Lecturer.

Main Publications in Recent Years (# co-first author, * corresponding author)

Na Guo#, Chao Sang#, Mei Huang, Rui Zhang, A. Allan Degen, Lina Ma, Yanfu Bai, Tao Zhang, Wenyin Wang, Jiahuan Niu, Shanshan Li, Ruijun Long, Zhanhuan Shang*. 2023. Long-term active restoration of degraded grasslands enhances vegetation resilience by altering the soil seed bank. Agronomy for Sustainable Development. 43:6.

Wenyin Wang#, Tianhua Jia#, Tianyun Qi, Shanshan Li, A. Allan Degen, Jin Han, Yanfu Bai, Tao Zhang, Shuai Qi, Mei Huang, Zihao Li, Jianxin Jiao, Zhanhuan Shang*. 2022. Root exudates enhances rhizobacteria complexity and microbial carbon metabolism of toxic plants. iScience. 25(10): 105243.

Shanshan Li, Yanfu Bai, Jianxin Jiao, A. Allan Degen, Tao Zhang, Wenyin Wang, Luming Ding, Ruijun Long, Zhen Peng, Zhiqiang Dang, Dawei Zhang, Zhanhuan Shang.* 2021. Paths for improvements of smallholder dairies: Case-study on local food security in arid regions of China. Food Control. 130:108372.

Yanfu Bai#, Cancan Guo#, Shanshan Li, Degen A Allan, Anum Ali Ahmad, Wenyin Wang, Tao Zhang, Mei Huang, Zhanhuan Shang*. 2021. Instability of decoupling livestock greenhouse gas emissions from economic growth in livestock products in the Tibetan highland. Journal of Environmental Management. 287: 112334.

Xiaopeng Chen, Tao Zhang, Ruiying Guo, Haiyan Li, Rui Zhang, A. Allan Degen, Kewei Huang, Ximing Wang, Yanfu Bai, Zhanhuan Shang*. 2021. Fencing enclosure alters nitrogen distribution patterns and tradeoff strategies in an alpine meadow on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Catena. 197:104948.

Ting Wang, Jianxin Jiao, Hucheng Wang, A. Allan Degen, Nana Gou, Shanshan Li, Yanfu Bai, Zhanhuan Shang*. 2020. The effects of supplementing sweet sorghum with grapeseeds on dry matter intake, average daily gain, feed digestibility and rumen parameters and microbiota in lambs. Animal Feed Science and Technology. 272:114750.

Yanfu Bai#, Lina Ma#, Abraham A. Degen, Muhammad K. Rafiq, Yakov Kuzyakov, Jingxue Zhao, Rui Zhang, Tao Zhang, Wenyin Wang, Xiaogang Li, Ruijun Long, Zhanhuan Shang*. 2020. Long-term active restoration of extremely degraded alpine grassland accelerated turnover and increased stability of soil carbon. Global Change Biology. 26:7217-7228.

Tao Zhang, Xiaopeng Chen, Ruiying Guo, A. Allan Degen, Michael Kam, Jingxue Zhao, Ximing Wang, Yanfu Bai, Wenyin Wang, Rui Zhang, Yinfeng Li, Yu Liu, Ruijun Long, Zhongkui Xie, Zhanhuan Shang*. 2020. Natural primary production mediates the effects of nitrogen and carbon addition on plant functional groups biomass and temporal stability in the Tibetan alpine steppe-meadow. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 302:107080.

Na Guo, A. Allan Degen, Bin Deng, Fuyu Shi, Yanfu Bai, Tao Zhang, Ruijun Long, Zhanhuan Shang*. 2019. Changes in vegetation parameters and soil nutrients along degradation and recovery successions on alpine grasslands of the Tibetan plateau. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 184:106593.

Rui Zhang, Yanfu Bai, Tao Zhang, Zalmen Henkin, A. Allan Degen, Tianhua Jia, Cancan Guo, Ruijun Long, Zhanhuan Shang*. 2019. Driving factors that reduce soil carbon, sugar, and microbial biomass in degraded alpine grassland. Rangeland Ecology & Management. 72:396-404.

Na Guo, Aidong Wang, A. Allan Degen, Bin Deng, Zhanhuan Shang*, Luming Ding, Ruijun Long. 2018. Grazing exclusion increases soil CO2 emission during the growing season in alpine meadows on the Tibetan Plateau. Atmospheric Environment. 174:92-98.

Zhanhuan Shang, A. Allan Degen, Muhammad Khalid Rafiq, Victor R. Squires. 2020. Carbon Management for Promoting Local Livelihood in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) Region. Springer. Switzerland. (book)


Natural Science Foundation of China (U21A20183, 31961143012, 31870433, 41671508, 41171417, 30600426 ); the Second Tibetan Plateau Expedition (2019QZKK0302).